~ inspiring and adventurous walks ~


Trail Hunt is a reality game that creates interactive itineraries for a number of locations in the most beautiful and inspiring neighbourhoods.


Through a series of challenging tasks, Trail Hunt creates authentic walks and gives visitors a sense of each area’s history and beauty.

How to play

•    The itinerary features a number of CHECK POINTS that need to be unlocked until visitors reach their final destination. 

•    Each CHECK POINT guides visitors via (GPS) maps to discover hidden gems on carefully selected routes.

•    To unlock each CHECK POINT, visitors need to follow the instructions given and search for clues. 

•    They can request 1x HINT or SKIP each CHECK POINT and only follow the marked route. 

•    Alongside the route, visitors will also uncover part of the area’s history by reading “Did you know...” sections.

Discover Hampstead

Escape to the unique village feel of Hampstead.


Get ready to be delighted by charming houses, get lost through

narrow alleyways, and enjoy idyllic walks through the woods.


Unlock part of its history, and feast your eyes on beautiful sceneries

that have inspired and drawn many bohemians to Hampstead.


Just wait to experience it yourself!


Hampstead station is situated on the Edgware branch of the Northern line